Thursday, May 4, 2017

Heading East from Tucson to San Antonio

As we began to head east, we added all our favorite stops to our route. We also visited some new ones.  Here are the highlights. 

Chiricahua National Monument, Wilox, AZ 
-hidden gem with amazing formations 

Indian Bread Rocks BLM 
-boondocking with a rattlesnake 

Gila Cliff Dwellings 
- modern nomads visit accident nomadic ruins

City of Rocks State Park, NM 
- one of our favorites 

Rockhound State Park, NM 
-rockhounding fun 

White Sands National Monument, 
- sledding in the sand 

Roswell, NM 
- a visit with the aliens 

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM 
-amazing experience hiking down natural entrance 

Tucson, AZ Visit #2

In 2015, we visited Tuscon for The World's Best Roadschool Convention. We really enjoyed this area and were thrilled to go back to visit friends, this winter.  The first night we arrived we hiked with our friends from Road It Up at Tucson Mountain Park. 

We also hiked at Saguaro National Park. Jayda choose Misty (our friend) as her buddy.  The Saguaro cacti tower above the trail. The path is easy to follow, and every turn of the trail had a different view.  

The kids and I visited Catalina State Park. The park is located very close to the city of Tucson with conveniences, such as Walmart and restaurants close to the entrance. It would be a great place to stay if we visit Tucson again. The spots are large and the landscape is beautiful. 

One of the highlights of our visit was visiting Rocks and Ropes. Our friends spent time teaching us about rock climbing and the whole family had fun trying something new. We have been focusing on experiences and this one tops the list of favorites. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quartzsite, AZ

Description:  boondocking in the desert 

Location: Arizona

Cost:  No Cost 

Adventure Highlights: 


Have you heard of Quartzsite, AZ ? If you are a Fulltime RV the answer is likely yes.  Since we have been RVing we have heard the name "Quartzsite" and wondered what it was all about. This winter we decided to check it out. The population of Quartzsite is 3,677. The town expands to 250,000 in the winter months.

What brings RVers to Quartzsite ? Boondocking. This is our spot at Dome Rock. We meet up with 4 other families fulltime RV families.  There are many areas surrounding the town where you can park for free (up to 14 days) or pay a small fees to use the dump station and garbage (La Posa Long Term Visitor Area).

The kids had fun from the time the sun came up till after the sun down. Some of the families this was our first meeting and others we have known for years. During our almost 4 years on the road, the thing that surprises me the most of how often we meet up and see our friends on the road. One season we may be in Florida and our next meet up will be in Arizona. It happens sometimes by chance we are in the same area and others we seek out meetups. The kids (as well as adults) pick up right where they left off. There is no "getting to know" each other time period. They are excited they are kids to play with. This week they started a rock band, and our youngest son has put bass guitar on the top of his wish list.

During our stay, two events took place. The QIA Pow Wow Gem and Mineral Show and the Big Tent. The Gem and Mineral Show was something to be seen.  Any and every kind of rock imaginable. The Big Tent had anything and everything for RVing.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!
London Bridge Renaissance Faire was held the first week of January. The festival included everything from jousting to food vendors. Most people attending were in costume. This was our first renaissance faire but won't be our last. 

Up Up and Away 
Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair was the following weekend so we decided to stick around another week. The highlights of the festival was the kids were able to help one of the crews setup the balloons. They were patient and loved to share their knowledge of ballooning.  

My personal highlight was being able to take a tethered balloon ride. It ranks high on my list of "favorite" things I have ever done. 

Needles, CA

When we are choosing a place to park the RV there are lots of factors that go into our decision. How much does the park cost ? Are there things to do in the area ? What amenities does the park have?

For a month, this past winter we called Needles, CA home. The town itself is nothing more than a couple of gas stations and a Dollar General.  But, the RV park, Pirates Cove, had a great monthly rate. Full hook-ups and our own peninsula on the Colorado River made the decision pretty easy.

Highlights Include:

Purchasing a Boat

Celebrating Christmas 

Enjoying Company 

Celebrating the New Year 

RC Car Fun 

Playing in the River 

home is where you park it. 

Joshua Tree National Park

Description:  Hiking and Boondocking with Friends 

Location: Southern California

Cost:  No Cost 

Adventure Highlights: 


This is the road that leads to the boondocking spot at Joshua Tree. The views are vast and if it hasn't rained recently a perfect spot to boondock. We spent 4 nights here, cooked Thanksgiving dinner, and explored the National Park.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Glass Beach- Fort Bragg, CA

Description: Trash to Treasure Beach

Location: Fort Bragg, CA

Cost:  No Cost 

Adventure Highlights: 

After a roller coaster ride we arrived at Glass Beach. This was one of the places we have seen many RV friends visit and say "we need to go there".  

When we arrived, I had read we needed to follow the path to the left. The views were stunning.

We took the trail to the end, there it became private property with a steep drop off. I was discouraged, but the kids were finding beach glass along the path so they were all smiles. 

I decided to go back to where we started and at least play in the water, if we weren't able to find any glass. 

But, I was pleasantly surprised and confused by the reviews of " there is no glass". There were millions piece. The sand was a beautiful rainbow of color. 


Glass Beach is on the top of our list of places to visit! Add it to your bucket list!