Cal- Sag Channel and Illinois River

Body of Water: Lake Michigan, Cal-Sag Channel and Illinois River 
Anchor or Dock:  9 days at Dock 4 days at Anchor
Traveled: 284 NM 

We are traveling the Great Loop in a sailboat which means the mast must be unstepped (taken down) before we head south on the river system. We choose Crowley's Yatch Yard for the work to be completed. We were very pleased with their service and professionalism.

After Crowley's the river winds through an industrial area.

Shortly after leaving Crowley's we arrived at our first lock.- Lockport Lock and Dam.  There was no instructions, no signs, no one there to help. We made it although a little stressed. 

The scenery change from industrial to a pleasant mix of trees and bridges. 

Joilet, IL - Free City Wall. Nothing Fancy and a very rainy evening. We met many other loopers at this stop. The playground near the wall was the highlight, it had a zipline. 

Our view from the lock.

Starved Rock State Park 

Ottowa, IL - Heritage Harbor Marina. The boys enjoyed dinner at the marina while the girls took the courtesy car to do laundry and Jimmy Johns. 

river views 

Henry, IL Abandoned Lock- We had unrealistic expectations that abandoned (crumbling) lock meant free. Unfortunately, it was not and we had to pay. Although we did have power. The highlight of Henry was there was a Dairy Queen within walking distance. 

Peoria, IL - Free City Dock- We saw Asian Carp jumping today on our 20 mile trip from Henry to Peoria. When they hit the boat they are extremely loud. The city dock is abandoned and a little sketchy but the location is perfect. We were able to tour the Caterpillar Visitor Center and Peoria Riverfront Museum, before eating BBQ and seeing Abe Lincoln.

fishing on the hook @ Quivery Island - chilly weather

night #2 on the hook @ the railroad bridge after a 60 mile day 

Grafton Harbor- After 7 days of travel we arrived in Grafton. This place is known as the "Key West of the Midwest". Boaters were in and out of the harbor all day. The town was centered around the water and there were all the bars and restaurants you could imagine. 


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