The Mighty Mississippi

Body of Water:  Mississippi River 
Anchor or Dock:  1 Night Anchor/1 Night Docked 
Traveled: 218 miles 

We were greeted on the Mississippi by Our Lady of the Shrine.  This Shrine was built after the flood 1951 as gratitude for the water stopping just short of flooding this little town of Portage des Sioux, MO.  An annual blessing of the fleets takes place here every year. 

During this section of the river system we had two locks, they were both very turbulent to get into and connect our lines to the floating bollards. 

The Mississippi River is 1700 miles in length but on our trip south we will only travel 218 miles. At MM (Mile Maker) 196, this is where the Missouri River meets the Mississippi and the current picks up. At the sign you enter the Chain of Rocks Canal which bypasses rapids in the river. 

We finished our first day on the Mississippi with a stop at Hoppies. It's famous for loopers, a must stop when doing the loop. Likely because you need to stop for fuel. The family has owned it for nearly 80 years. Every day Fern gives a daily briefing on "her" river. She details what you will encounter when heading down the river, where to anchor and making sure everyone stays safe. 

The next day was just beautiful weather. The river not so much. The water is filthy. There is debris and garbage everywhere. This means you have to watch very closely so you don't hit something. 
The highlight of the Mississippi was the current. We were able to cruise at speeds the boat will likely never reach again. I think the record speed was 12.1. Our normal speed is 7 knots. We were able to make it 96 miles in one day. 

Little Diversion Channel 


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