Showcase of Citrus

Our first adventures was to pick oranges once we arrived in Florida. We visited Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, FL. This is a pick your own grove.

Upon arrival we received a map of the grove and a bag of your choice for picking. After some very tasty samples we headed out to the trees. At Showcase of Citrus you can pick a variety of citrus fruits including grapefruit, key limes, lemons, and of course many variety of oranges as well. 

We spent two hours and left with a bag full of delicious fruit and yummy orange slushy. We enjoyed our visit so much a few days later we went back for a field trip with a couple of other Full Time Families. 

Picking oranges are not like picking apples. The oranges did not come off the trees very easily. We had to use a fruit picker(or to my boys a light-saber) to get them off the trees. 


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